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Make Yourself High Priority

We get it. It’s time for the bounce back after months of meetings, office potlucks, and spending too much time in the same chair. Cue the 90’s transformation soundtrack and learn how Mosley Fitness can bring balance back to your life.

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Sierra, Pennsylvania

"Before Mosley Fitness, I knew what my goal was, I had an idea of how to do it but but I figured I might be missing a few key elements. I reached out to see if he could educate me on a routine, and he set a plan for me. My worry at first was that the program wouldn't be customized to me, but everything but all of that was tailored to my body, my fitness, my goals. Everything fit to a 'T' and worked for me. This is a huge investment, I wish I would have done this a long time ago."

Connect with a network to lean on for support.

I had a goal of trying to get back to a weight that I had prior to my surgery. I had cancer a couple years ago and as a result of that my exercise program had to be limited. I needed someone who could work with me, help me to get back in shape, and understand that needs that I would have. I appreciated his ability to talk to me and find out my life goals. He also made me realize that it didn't have to be something that happened right away, but it's something that's part of a journey. He spoken to me about what I eat and how I eat, and not in a way to make me feel pressure, but to make me think about it and then also to say you can still enjoy life, you can still enjoy those things that you like the most."

Anywhere, Anytime Workouts.

Take a step closer to achieving your goals

Clarify Your Goals

Finding work-life balance, pursuing professional milestones, managing a new routine, or prioritizing self-care.

Identify Obstacles

Navigating significant lifestyle changes, struggles with time management and lack of support, stress eating, or low confidence.

Plan Action Strategy

Skylar listens to your story, concerns, and needs. We create a plan of action for you and only you to reach your goals.

Improve Your Life

My success is measured by your success. I genuinely want to support you, cheer you on, and celebrate your wins.

Prioritize Self-Care and Personal Goals.

Benefits of Online Personal Training

Mosley Fitness delivers routines that respect your time and fit into your schedule. My programs can be completed in the gym, at home, or outdoors and with or without the use of equipment. Each program is built based on a variety of individual needs including ability, location, and resources.

One Size Does Not Fit All

I create and modify your program based off of your metrics, experience level, and long-term goals.

Convenience & Flexibility

Long gone are the days of running late to meet a trainer at the gym for a rushed workout with strict time restraints.

No Weights, No Problem

If the only thing available is your body and some floor space, that's okay! Your program can be modified as you add or take away equipment.

Support Beyond Your Circle

Gain access to our private support group for sharing motivation, success stories, frustrations, meal ideas, and more.

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Reclaim Confidence.

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Skylar Mosley, Your Career & Personal Growth Coach

I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and I am also certified in Corrective Exercise and Nutritional Coaching. 

I’ve been on my own fitness journey for years, but I started out as many do; not knowing how to lift weights or eat healthy. I used to be a hermit, never really wanting to go outside. I spent most of my days playing video games or watching TV. Back then, I never would’ve thought going outdoors would be something I looked forward to doing. I was developing high blood pressure and found little joy beyond my established routine. I couldn’t shake lethargy and knew it was my time to do something. I reached out for guidance in the gym, and found that I enjoyed moving my body and how it made me feel.

Over time, I developed a passion to help not only myself but those who are also looking to better their overall health. 

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