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Online Coaching
with Skylar

Starting a new health journey doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life in the process. I’ll be by your side as you lose fat, build muscle, achieve health longevity, and improve how you feel. Imagine how different daily life can be once you obtain your transformation, and the tools to keep it. 

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Efficient gym routines don't take hours.

Check out some of the transformations my clients achieved by making one small change at a time

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Trying to figure out fitness is like walking through a maze.

This will be the last program you need, because I can help you:

Lose body fat
• Increase your lean muscle mass so you have that toned look
•Develop healthy habits & improve your mindset so these changes stay with you
• Feel more confident about yourself & the choices you make
• Reduce the risk of weight related diseases 
• Improve the quality of your life

The benefits of working with me:

Learn how to lose fat, build muscle, look great, and feel more confident in yourself while getting to enjoy life and obtain sustainable lifelong results
• More affordable than in-person training with the flexibility you need with a busy schedule
• A workout routine & nutritional guidance designed specifically for you and your lifestyle
• Joining a community of people who are after the same goals for support
• Narrowing down and getting rid of your poor relationship with food
• Building relationships with me (I truly want to see you succeed and care your health) and those in the community 

Prioritize Self-Care and Personal Goals.

What do you get with online coaching?

  1. In-Depth Initial Assessment (via a thorough questionnaire, phone, or zoom call).
  • Learn about your personal goals and develop a plan to achieve them
  • Discuss your level of experience with working out and nutrition
  • Incorporate your lifestyle into your program (workout days are based around your schedule & non restrictive eating)
  • Talk about your health background (regarding injuries and nutrition), and be mindful of those areas while we’re working together


  1. Customized Workout Program For You
  • Your program is designed based on your personal goals (lose fat, get toned, build a lot of muscle, increase cardiovascular health, mobility, pretty much a little bit of everything)
  • The workouts will be tailored towards your experience level in the gym
  • Guidance on how to perform exercises correctly
  • Your program is designed with the the order of exercises, rep ranges, and rest times included to best accomplish your goals
  • Something that fits your lifestyle (If you’re only able to workout for 3 days per week for 45 minutes per session, we’ll make it happen!)


  1. Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • No missing out on life because you can’t eat carbs or have a drink
  • Learn how nutrition works and how it plays a part in your progress (energy balance, macronutrients)
  • List of recipes at your disposal ranging from high protein, low carb, and yes even vegan
  • Specific nutrition goals for you to accomplish and work through
  • Guidance on a day of eating your favorite foods so you know how to fit it into your goals


  1. Constant Support Available
  • Traveling for work and not sure what to do to stay on track? I’ll be there.
  • Want to know if you’re doing an exercise correctly or ways to improve it? Send over a video and we’ll figure out how to make that movement the best it’s been.
  • Going on vacation and you don’t have a gym available? We can come up with a plan for that week, easily.Whether it’s a specific question or you just need someone to talk to, I’m here every step of the way. I’m here to help you.


5. Access to my personal email address, discord community, or phone number. I really enjoy talking so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Accountability & Updates To Ensure That You’re Making Progress Throughout
    Weekly check-ins (or more frequently!) to assess your progress and make changes as needed, to make sure you’re on track with your goals.
  • Updated training program every 4 weeks, based on your progress and goals, to make sure you continue getting better.


If you need someone to make sure you’re getting it done on a day to day basis, I can do that too!

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Reclaim Confidence.

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Skylar Mosley, Your Career & Personal Growth Coach

I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and I am also certified in Corrective Exercise and Nutritional Coaching. 

There is a lot of noise out there when it comes to finding information on how to get fit. Diet culture plays a huge role in preying on our insecurities and need for quick results. Avoid carbs to lose weight, don’t eat after 7pm or you’ll gain weight, or stick to and only do cardio’ are all things we’ve heard more than once. Or maybe they tell you to avoid certain foods you love which has a huge impact on your social life, and more.

I know all too well how confusing this can be and that’s why I am here to help guide you through your fitness journey. If you need someone to hold you accountable, to help with changing mindset and habits, and truly change your lifestyle… I am your guy. I will work with you to come up with a customized training routine and give you nutritional guidance.

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Apply now for Online Coaching.