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Looking for support on your health journey? Work with me as your Online Coach.

The road to healthier habits is long, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life in the process. Together we’ll create a routine that works for you, not against you, and brings small sustainable changes to your life that result in an overall health transformation. We’ll work to identify your strength and fitness level, and also discuss ways to implement healthier options into your daily eating habits. Customized, guided workout routines are delivered directly with additional support provided in both one-on-one and group settings. Imagine how different daily life can be once you transform your habits, and the tools to maintain them.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Check out some of the transformations my clients achieved by making one small change at a time

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Listen to the Let's Mosley Podcast

Not quite sure if you’re ready for an online trainer yet? Or maybe you need a new podcast to listen to? Give the Let’s Mosley podcast a try during your next ride, study session, or wherever you listen in. 

The Let’s Mosley podcast is frequently adding new episodes with topics ranging from gaming, mental health, lifestyle, and health and wellness. Always short and always spot on, the Let’s Mosley podcast will give listeners something to think about until the next time.

"Most of us were never taught how to invest in ourselves in a healthy way. My goal with Mosley Fitness is to change the narrative and make an impact on as many people as possible."

What small change can you make today?


Mosley Fitness values hard work, but learning to balance your goals in the office and at home are key. We offer a private, peer-based group for our clients to reflect, support, and encourage one another.


Skylar currently offers 1:1 online training in addition to nutritional coaching/meal planning, weekly check-ins, and access to our private group.


Mosley Fitness believes that our thoughts can shape the world around us, and we try to help clients with stress reduction. Working with a personal trainer can help reduce stress in both the body and mind.

We want to hear from you

Schedule a 20 minute personal trainer consultation with Mosley Fitness and take the first step towards a group of dedicated professionals that wants to see you succeed and celebrate your wins.